L.A. Auto Show 2010
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By D. Brian Smith
Photography: D. Brian Smith

The L.A. Auto Show 2010 started on Friday, November 19, 2010. By then, Redline Review had already seen all the cool new cars and most of the beautiful car show models for two days. We went to the two press days on Wednesday and Thursday and were admittedly blown away by all the impressive concept cars, new offerings and the wild eco-friendly vehicles that are being promised and displayed to whet our collective appetites for what's coming down the road soon, as in real soon. We'll be adding photos throughout the week of what piqued our interest, which was pretty much everything. Keep checking back, as the full article will be available at about the same time you're finishing up all those leftovers the weekend after Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving Redline Reviewers. Gobble! Gobble!

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The Los Angeles International Auto Show article is officially finished, as are your Thanksgiving leftovers, no doubt. We promise you won't get indigestion, if you read on, so click those blue words just below. You'll be glad you did.

Was it our imagination? Or was the 2010 Los Angeles International Auto Show abuzz with hope and optimism for a better automotive and economic climate in the near term? Every automotive press conference was upbeat, and several companies spoke about record profits and new vehicles offering better fuel economy and more superlative performance. Redline Review was impressed with what most automotive manufacturers had to exhibit, both in terms of 2011 models, announced cars coming out in the near future and the concept cars that might see the light of day and have many of the cool and creative capabilities that wowed us during the press days and at the start of the show.

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We made the conscious decision to attend the Press Days prior to the Show's opening to the public and to also be at the Los Angeles Convention Center at the inception of the event to get a sense of how the show going public perceived the event. By attending on Friday, we also had the side benefit of seeing several television and movie stars that were permitted to walk the Convention Center halls before the doors opened to the public. We must have taken enough photos of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to satisfy the most enthusiastic of paparassi shooters. If his security detail hadn't been downright rude, we probably would have run a picture of him. Never mind. We all know what he looks like anyway. Actor Joseph Montagna, on the other hand, was very nice and gracious. We chatted with him while we were at the Audi exhibit. There were several other Hollywood luminaries in attendance, but we won't drop names. Redline Review's all about speed, not celebrity gossip.

Check out some of what captured our fancy at the 2010 Los Angeles International Auto Show. While you're at it, drop us a line and tell us which vehicles most struck a chord with the automotive engine that stirs best in your heart and soul.
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Earning the top prize of Best of Show was a superlative 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Saoutchik Cabriolet, which is owned by
Paul and Judy Andrews of Fort Worth, Texas. Designer/Coachbuilder Jacques Saoutchik produced seven exquisite Torpedo bodies for the Mercedes 680S chassis, with all six bodies having unique features. A low windscreen and chrome accents give this particular Saoutchik Torpedo a sports car, which enhances this luxury touring car's appeal. Similar to the racing engines that powered the Mercedes-Benz SSK, the engine is a supercharged 6.8-liter straight eight.Robert and Sylvia Affleck, of Bradford Woods, Pennsylvania, own a very jaunty looking 1938 HRG Airline A. Crofts Coupe. Major Edward Halford, Guy Robins and Henry Ronald Godfrey founded HRG in 1936. With the exception of this coupe, all 241 HRGs were roadsters. There are still 225 HRGs still in existence, and 224 of these are roadsters.
The three images that succeed this one show an adept driver, who brought the car all the way back on course without incident. Well done!
Mazda North America went vintage racing in a big way, with no less than four of the company's rotary engine powered road burners taking to the famous track with the nasty corkscrew turns at the top of the course. Team Mazda will be back for the Rolex Motorsports Reunion. Of course, Redline Review will also be back for all the action.Surrounded by three Lotus Evoras and three of Lotus Cars USA's big shot executives, our temporary home during the Monterey Pre-Historics was with the Lotus display.
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